Features & Benefits of Linux Server Web Hosting

Linux server web hosting is one of the most affordable web hosting solutions. With 10,000 codes added to its kernel on daily basis, it has emerged as the largest collaborative projects in the computing history. Linux based servers are preferred by online marketers as well as online content publishers. There are many features of Linux platform that makes it preferred choice of online sellers as well as online content publishers. Some of its features and benefits are as follows:

  • Linux is an open source platform, so it is easy for web programmers to modify, enhance and distribute it. There is a wide Linux community constantly engaged in fixing bugs and improving its functionality to make it usable for a varied range of users. These open source developers are the most experienced developers in the industry.
  • Affordable Linux server web hosting provider offers unmatched flexibility to the varied range of users including e-commerce sites, blogging sites and multimedia applications. WordPress, Dru pal and Joomla runs on Linux platform, which also makes it preferable choice web developers.Linux is capable and compatible with almost all types of databases and programs, with Microsoft being the only exception to it.
  • With increasing number of online thefts and hacking issues, it has become essential for online sellers as well as web programmers not to ignore security and reliability of a web hosting platform. However, when you are selling or sharing online, you need to be prepared for security breaches. When it comes to security, Linux is preferred over Windows as it is one of the oldest platforms in use for hosting since the internet came into existence. Also, Linux offers easy back up facilities with few inbuilt tools. There are also tools for creating remote backups.
  • Linux is much easy to use than Windows. The platform has pre-installed software, which can be easily modified or extended by the users. It has been designed to support basic web hosting and it is easy to install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to improve the performance of the website.Linux hosting is also much affordable than Windows hosting. You don’t need to bear exorbitant licensing fees.

Thus, Linux is flexible,affordable and compatible to a wide range of databases and programs. It is secure and reliable enough to fix issues as soon as they arrive. It is also very stable along with higher up time than other servers. There are a bunch of web developing companies engaged in providing diy website builder along with affordable website hosting packages. If the idea of online business attracts you and you are looking for affordable and reliable website design and hosting services, you can approach them for practical and budget friendly solutions.

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